Open-source Ink projects

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Traceur is a path-tracing renderer in Ink, supporting Monte-Carlo antialiasing, realistic shadows, reflections, refractions, and focus blur. I wrote about building Traceur here.

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Matisse is a minimalistic gallery of generative art pieces that are written in Ink. As a web app, Matisse depends on the September compiler to compile Ink programs and algorithms down to JavaScript.

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Polyx is Linus’s personal productivity suite.

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Codeliner generates graphics from program source files.

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Language tooling


September is an Ink to JavaScript compiler, written in Ink itself and tested against Ink’s standard library tests. September aims to become self-hosting, but is not there yet. I wrote about building September here.

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Ink by Example

Ink by Example is a hands-on introduction to programming in Ink using annotated example programs. The website is run by @healeycodes and powered by Ink.

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This website is served by a web server written in Ink.

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inkfmt is a self-hosting code formatter for Ink. I wrote about building inkfmt here.

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ansi is an Ink library for printing with ANSI escape sequences to a terminal emulator. It supports basic ANSI colors and cursor movements.

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