Things I'm learning about in sales

As I’m diving deeper into my role at Hack Club Bank, I’m trying to learn more about sales and working with customers, and I’m also learning a lot every week about leading a B2B product. This is a place for me to collect the things I’m learning in the process. I’m going to keep this up to date over time, and I thought it would be nice to make it publicly available, in case you might find it useful as well.

Thank you, Hello Hack Club

Summer’s almost over! It’s a change of season, and the season of changes. My internship at is coming to a close, and I’m joining the fantastic team at Hack Club moving forward. I wanted to take a moment to talk about what I learned at, and why I’m so excited about Hack Club. building for builders Today was my last day as an engineering intern at Repl.

Visualizing and exploring sorting algorithms in two dimensions with Ink

Until Elon Musk brings his Neuralink gadgets to market, our eyes are the highest-bandwidth way we have of understanding the world around us. We can look at something and immediately take in the hues, the lightness and the darkness, the shapes, and most importantly, the patterns that we wouldn’t be able to notice if we couldn’t use our vision. In fact, our eyes are surprisingly good at pattern recognition, noticing the rhythm in the details that make up the large-scale structure of what’s in front of us.

How I side project

This post started out as a long-form response to this tweet by Raj Kunkolienkar: Question to all the side project machines that I follow (with much respect) : what framework / setup / infrastructure / tools do you use to push out ideas to MVP so quickly?@kognise @thesephist @jajoosam — Raj Kunkolienkar 🚀 (@kunksed) May 21, 2019 … but then, I got busy, a few weeks passed, and it took a while for me to get back to it.